Onderzoek: de Nederlandse boeren en vissers

Onderzoek: de Nederlandse boeren en vissers Ondermijning van eigendomsrecht en de voedselvoorziening- voor Catherine Austin Fitts’ van het Solari Report

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Interview Catherine Austin Fitts met Elze van Hamelen over De Nederlandse boeren en vissers

De Grote Verbouwing van Nederland en ‘Nederlandse boeren en vissers: Ondermijning van eigendomsrecht en de voedselvoorziening’

Interview door Paul de Bruin van Enerzijds, Anderzijds

Link naar podcast: https://ezaz.nl/radio-moddergat-28-oktober-2023/https://ezaz.nl/radio-moddergat-28-oktober-2023/

Corey’s Digs podcast: Dig It! #200: Dutch Farmers & Fisherman with Elze van Hamelen
In this week’s podcast we have special guest Elze van Hamelen back to discuss the global war on our food supply and her latest report for Solari Report called “Dutch Farmers and Fishermen: The People Who Feed Us.”
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Dutch Farmers and Fishermen and the centralization of the food supply

It cannot be too strongly emphasized that this is a radical agenda designed to control not just the land, but all human activity, as well.”
~ Marilyn Brannan, Monetary & Economic Review

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, Dutch investigative journalist Elze van Hamelen returns to the Solari Report to discuss the theme for our 2nd Quarter 2023 Wrap Up, “Dutch Farmers and Fishermen: The People Who Feed Us.”

Protests by farmers in the Netherlands—still ongoing—made international news in 2022 when the Dutch government stepped up its plans to move farmers off the land. Dutch fishermen, too, are being driven out of their centuries-old fishing grounds. The sly cover story for this accelerating land and sea grab is “protection” and “restoration” of nature, with farmers and fishermen cast as the bad guys.

Earlier this year, Elze conducted in-person interviews with Dutch farmers and fishermen and also studied the international treaties and agreements that have been steadily laying the train tracks for centralized control of food production and land use. Her written report (available at the Wrap Up web presentation when this interview publishes) masterfully integrates her on-the-ground findings with what she learned from diving into the superficially innocent but ultimately sinister “pretzel talk” disseminated in government, UN, and non-governmental organization (NGO) documents—all pointing in the direction of a stealth attack on national sovereignty and an unambiguous agenda to destroy property rights.

It is no accident that the tsunami of policies being directed against farmers and fishermen coincides with the food industry’s tsunami of investments in fake foods, and Elze’s blockbuster “Pharma Food” report in the 2022 Annual Wrap Up makes for essential companion reading. Understanding these dual threats—the centralization of food production and the degradation of food quality—will surely motivate you to do everything you can to increase your own resiliency and support high-integrity, local food producers.

Interview with Dutch farmer Jeroen van Maanen



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