Pharma Food – for Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari Report

Deep dive research into lab-grown meat and cellular agriculture for the Solari Report of Catherine Austin Fitts.

“Synthetic food will, of course, also be used in the future. … The new foods will from the outset be practically indistinguishable from the natural products, and any changes will be so gradual as to escape observation.”
~ Winston Churchill, 1931

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, Dutch journalist Elze van Hamelen joins me to discuss Solari’s 2022 Annual Wrap Up theme, “Pharma Food.” Our choice of wording reflects the fact—both telling and disturbing—that the food industry is rolling out a tsunami of fake foods, including lab-grown “meat,” made with the same technologies that the biopharma industry uses to manufacture 21st-century drugs, vaccines, and gene therapy products. The hypothetical future predicted by Winston Churchill in 1931 seems to have arrived.

Synthetic food and lab-grown meat represent a new and dangerous chapter in what I call “the Great Poisoning.” Despite an economics that makes no sense—and clear indications that these products are repugnant to consumers—money is apparently no object. Staked by massive infusions of venture capital and burgeoning public-private partnerships, items like cricket flour and lab-cultured “eggs” have already made their way into grocery stores—with non-existent or misleading labeling designed to get past unwary consumers’ defenses. As Elze’s research shows, this is a multipronged attack, with synthetic foods also targeting pets and livestock. There is every indication that governments, corporations, and others are serious about establishing a tightly controlled food system that replaces real food and real meat with synthetic, pharma-inspired “alternatives.”

Our discussion—along with Elze’s masterful and comprehensive write-up of her findings on Pharma Food—constitute essential intelligence for anyone who eats and for anyone who wishes to keep eating real food. This knowledge is also essential for investors, whose ETFs and 401(k)s are likely to be financing synthetic food companies.

If you have not yet gotten serious about finding reliable sources of local fresh food, including real meat, you will after you read Elze’s report.

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