“Elze is wonderfully brilliant. From brainstorming ideas to tactical execution, she delivers only the highest quality of work. She brings a lot of expertise and dives deeply into new topics and quickly masters them. She’s also a delight to work with. Working with her raised my standards for what is possible for a team to achieve.”– Carrie Staller. Business Development Director, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI)

“Elze is able to dig into opportunity and reshape it in an engaging way for multiple audiences. I supervised her work with a firm to identify a way to start using sustainability as a catalyst for change with employees and customers. She brings a very systemic view to the development of unique strategies.”– Cynthia Scott. Ph.D. Core Faculty, Presidio Graduate School.

“We have worked with Elze for the creation of our first CSR report. Elze was recommended to us by our sister company in the USA. Elze really deserves this recommendation. It struck me to see how much she already knew about our, rather complex, business and how to the point her questions were during interviews. We could count on a large availability and thanks to her knowledge of the GRI and her writing skills, our first CSR report became what we had in mind. Meanwhile we have already received some very positive feedback on our first CSR report and therefore wish to thank Elze warmly.”– Katleen Gorissen. Procurement Administrator, JSR Micro NV.

“Elze served as JSR Micro Inc.’s Corporate Social Responsibility consultant in 2012. She assisted the CSR cross-functional team in setting up the company’s CSR program. Elze led the team to publish its inaugural CSR report and brought her expertise in CSR report writing which enabled us to get the title of one of the top 10 Best First -Time CSR Reports published in 2012, as selected by Corporate Register Reporting Awards (CRRA). This tremendous honor would not be possible without Elze’s hardwork, commitment and dedication to the task.”– Arlene Canlas. CSR Project Manager, JSR Micro Inc.

“Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability are on everyone’s radar these days and most organizations are bustling about in a mad rush to placate their stakeholders and check the CSR box, assigning these projects to the nearest (ill-prepared) Legal, HR, or Marketing professional to roust up a report and brand their commitment on all corporate communications. But there are people, such as Elze van Hamelen, who have honed their knowledge and skills over a lifetime of passionate study and who are ready to apply their tremendous work ethic in helping organizations transform their cultures and become leaders in the world of sustainability. I suggest that you do not miss this opportunity to engage her services and make a difference in yours.”– Doug Cates. Senior HR Business Partner, JSR Micro, Inc.

“Elze Van Hamelen is that all-too-rare contributor who approaches the ‘big picture’ as easily and enthusiastically as she does a spreadsheet. She’s a ‘doer’ and a ‘teacher’, as well. Elze is bright, personable and conscientious. She’s passionate about sustainability and social responsibility. In short, she’s a gem – an asset to virtually any organization.”– Paul Tasner. Co-founder and CEO, Pulpworks

“I had the great pleasure of working on a sustainability reporting project with Elze. She immediately impressed me with her talent, knowledge and outstanding contributions to the report. I’d welcome the opportunity to work with her again and highly recommend her.”– Jennifer Pontzer. Co-owner, Concept Green LLC.

“It’s hard to find someone so intelligent, committed and full of passion these days, Elze has a way of understanding and bringing insights to difficult issues even when they are not related to her current expertise. The enthusiasm and work ethics she brings to the table have helped us accelerate our growth and enabled us to focus on our core business while maintaining a sustainable business model. I heartily recommend Elze to anyone willing to improve, advance and grow their organization.”– Jorick Astrego. Technical Director and Founding Partner, Netbulae B.V.


Elze van Hamelen
Transition consultant, coach, trainer

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