“A sustainable society is one that is far-seeing enough, flexible enough, and wise enough not to undermine either its physical or its social systems of support” Donella H. Meadows

Business can be a catalyst for sustainability and innovative change - while improving profitability and competitiveness - by focusing on:

Vision on sustainability

“A world in which nine billion people can live well, and within the planet’s resources, by 2050”

-World Business Council for Sustainable Development

To achieve this vision a fundamental transformation is needed: in the way we extract, produce and consume resources: a transition from linear to circular products and processes, and from fossil to renewable energy. This entails leadership and an adaption in business models to enable regeneration after ecological and social degradation.

Business has a key role to play in this transition to a sustainable society. 

At its core, sustainability is an innovation challenge.

Sustainability entails identifying opportunities and risks in a turbulent, complex and globalized environment. Approaching sustainability as a strategic opportunity opens up a vast potential for innovation and creativity. It is a starting point for an active dialogue with stakeholders. Through this dialogue, and by making sustainability a measurable part of your company’s strategy, you can adjust to and anticipate changes. Profitability will improve as your company becomes more attractive to employees, customers and other stakeholders.

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about 'us'

about 'us'

Elze studied Policy, Communication and Organization at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. This study combined the best of two worlds: the social involvement of the public sector and the decisiveness of business. During this study she developed her passion for sustainability and the conviction that business has a key role to play in the development of a sustainable society. To improve and expand her knowledge and skills, she did a MBA in Sustainable Management at the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco.

She has divergent work experiences: project management, reporting on sustainability (based on the GRI guidelines), customer support, internal consulting and stakeholder engagement, with multinationals as well as SMEs and startups in the Netherlands and the US. Through an analytical and strategic approach, combined with involving different stakeholder perspectives, she creates common ground to achieve successful projects.

In 2015 Elze joined The Natural Step, an organization that has been working since 1989 to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. 

Elze is also an Associate Partner at the Sustainable Growth Assocates


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