Reflection on the war in the Ukraine – Great Reset phase II?

“Diversionary Foreign Policy”

“a war instigated in order to distract its population from their domestic strife” (Source)

The crisis in the Ukraine and the flood of propaganda is successfully distracting us from:

  • Freedoms convoys and other worldwide protests against the medical police state.
  • The ‘collapse of the narrative’
  • The vaccine damage that is also bleeding into the mainstream. For example through insurance company data, lawsuits, CDC /trial data.
  • Excess mortality and vaccine acquired immunodeficiency. Half of the people around me have serious cases of the flu, and we read nothing about it in the media.
  • The collapse of the middle class and the great wealth transfer
  • The plethora of vaccine passport, digital identity and digital currency initiatives by nation, the EU, WHO, WEF, World Bank and big Tech.
  • Continuing 5G roll out – with all the damaging effects this has on our health and on nature and privacy

In an interview with James Corbett about his concept of ‘3D chess’ for understanding geopolitical developments, on January 21st, I asked him (at the +- 50min mark):

“We are seeing a lot of tensions in Ukraine and in Taiwan, and it happened in the past that when there is much internal civil unrest that external wars are started as a distraction. So on ‘2D’ (geopolitics between nations) we see tension, but on ‘3D’ there’s a tendency towards centralization. How do these levels interact? Do you think it’s likely that there will be a war?”

Answer James Corbett: 

“Yes, thank you for bringing that up. People often ask me, if it’s all being controlled by some super class faction that that is controlling both sides, do you think there could be a war?

And again it speaks to the inability of most people to imagine to truly put themselves in that position of a superclass who’s trying to direct both sides in what may be a stage-managed conflict but will still be conflict.

And that’s because, of course, the vast majority of people within these systems, even the systems of government, probably, truly do, believe in that 2D chess version of the world. They see things from that perspective and I have no doubt that there are many people, for example, in the US or in the Russian military or in the Chinese military, who are beholden and do feel their allegiance to their nation state and do see themselves in this two-dimensional conflict with the enemy on the other side. Those tensions are real. Most people are living their lives in that and I think those genuine real held beliefs and outlooks of the world are then manipulated by the superclass, pitting that person against that person or that team against that team in order to achieve a greater goal.

So I think the real question is when does the calculus become such that it is actually more beneficial for this super class for there to be a war than not be a war. The point at which that changes over, I think that is when we tend to see large-scale wars, break out”.

The bigger agenda is about: 

Is it supported by this war?

The geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar in ‘Follow the money: how Russia will bypass western economic warfare’ and Economist Michael Hudson in ‘America Defeats Germany for the Third Time in a Century’ warn that the economic war against Russia will have the following effects:

  • Russia, China and others will move out of the SWIFT payment system and will actively dedollarize.
  • Increase in prices of oil and gas, and outright risks of delivery
  • Disruptions in global supply chains
  • Technology transfer to Russia/China

It reads like phase II of the Great Reset, as it will further bankrupt the middle class, put a strain on all households in the form of rising energy and food prices, it undermines the US as a nation state, but supports globalist factions represented by the financial, oil, gas and military sectors.

The shift of power towards China was not ‘a miracle’, it was a deliberate policy decision. The technology and asset transfer to China are discussed various times by Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari report. For more information about this transfer, this recent conversation between Whitney Webb and James Corbett is very informative:

China, Wall Street and the New Global Economy with James Corbett

Webb and Corbett discuss the overlap between the oligarchs of China and the United States and how the rise of China is intimately tied to Wall Street and Globalism.

Professor of history Anne Morelli has written a small book on principles of propaganda for war. What this propaganda always aims to accomplish is to create public support for war, through in various ways make our own side look ‘good’, and the other one devilish and evil. What is never allowed during the campaigns to whip up propaganda for war, writes Morelli, is to ask the broader question: Why is this happening? Who benefits?

A nuclear conflict is in nobody’s interest. What is needed now, is not finger pointing about who is to blame – ‘the Russians launched an aggressive war!’, ‘it all started with NATO expansion!’. What is needed are strategies for de-escalation and an understanding of the conflict in its historical and realist geopolitical context. These could be possible avenues:

  • Hold a plebiscite under international supervision for Luhansk and Donetsk and recognize their independence if the citizens vote for independence.
  • During the Cuba crisis it was understood why the US would not allow enemy nuclear weapons on its doorstep. Acknowledgement of the Ukraine as a neutral zone, without nuclear weapons, NATO exercises and biolabs would go a long way into reinstating stability.
  • A question NATO-states should ask themselves – do we really want to support Nazi’s? They are a reality and not Russian propaganda. Read here, here, here and here and listen here

This requires diplomacy, not demonization. It should be demanded of our politicians. And if they fail to do so, it is up to us citizens to connect to people on the ‘other side’. Wars start when the opponent is no longer seen as human, but as a dehumanized devil incarnate. It is up to us not to be swayed by propaganda and maintain a human connection. Russia is as much part of the Great Reset agenda as almost all other nations. Our enemy is not the Russians, but the factions that are pushing for war. Let’s not join them.

The scepter of a nuclear winter and the fear that goes with it can be used against us for a long time, much longer than fear of a virus. War provides the excuse for martial law, surveillance, censorship, further curtailing of constitutional rights. Shortages and financial collapse can create avenues for rationing and UBI. If we look at the Aadhaar system in India, and other such experiments in the global South, the foods stamps will come with the caveat of biometric registration, digital ID and digital payments. 


Shippers Cut Off Russia – Wheat Price Explodes – Cyberattacks on Shipping (Ice Age Farmer)

It is a good time to start a veggie garden!


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